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4001 The copy of the registry entry is unclear. It shows Mary Ann's name as Maria Ann.
It shows the occupation of the father as being with the 18th Royal Irish Regiment.
The second Christian Name (William) was omitted from the original birth entry
The informant was not either parent but another soldier. The copy is not clear enough to identify this person (see below).
There is also doubt over the birth date.
Information from Lyn Hughes of Auckland:
Samuel Snr was in Taranaki at the time registration should have been made and it seems likely that he asked C/Sgt Doig of the 14th who was possibly returning to Auckland to enter the birth for him. He was probably given the correct details which nay have gone astray and he did his best with the information. The date we have was taken from Elizabeth Sarah's Bible which we think is more likely to be correct(29 July 1865), however the official date of birth must be 3rd August as the entry states. Also one name given then although I think he was meant to have two.
Source Caleb's Family Tree
Chandler, Samuel William (I22212)
4002 The early part of Jack and Essie's married life was spent at Karapoti where Jack and Bob ran the sawmill. All of Essie and Jack's children were born while they were living there. Bet at their home and the others at Nurse Lomas' in Upper Hutt. All the children attended the local Karapoti School though Judy moved on to Upper Hutt School.

They moved to King Street Upper Hutt, where Jack built a new family home, in time for June to start College.
Family F169
4003 The Evening Post 27 April 1948
Death Notice:
SUTHERLAND: On April 26 1948, at Wellington Hospital George Robert John, dearly loved husband of Ethel, and loved father of Thelma, Don, Dick and Keith,and father-in-law of Alice, Kath, and Phil and son-in-law of Sam. Asleep

SUTHERLAND: On April 26 1948 at Wellington Hospital, George Dearly loved brother of Thea, Seva, Lava and Lena A patient sufferer at rest.

Sutherland, George Robert John (I16451)
4004 The Evening Post 27 April 1948
Funeral Notice:
SUTHERLAND The friends of the late George Robert John Sutherland are respectfully invited to attend his funeral which will leave our chapel Kings Cresent, Lower Hutt, tomorrow Wednesday April 28 1948 at the conclusion of a service commencing at 11am, for the Taita Cemetery
J,R. Croft Ltd. Funeral Directors, Hutt and Petone.
Sutherland, George Robert John (I16451)
4005 The Evening Post Monday August 1 1949
Funeral Notice:
SUTHERLAND: The friends of the late Ethel Anne Sutherland are invited to attaen her funeral, leaving our chapel, Kings Cresent, Lower Hutt on Wednesday August 3 1949, following a service commencing at 11am for the Taita Cemetery. J.R. Croft Ltd Funeral Directors, Hutt and Petone.
Turner, Ethel Maud (I16465)
4006 The Evening Post Monday August 1 1949
SUTHERLAND: On 31 July at her residence 71 Randwick Crescent Lower Hutt, Ethel Anne, beloved wife of the late George Robert John Sutherland, and loving mother of Thelma, Don, Dick and mother-in-law of Alex, Kathleen, Phyllis and Sam.

SUTHERLAND: On 31 July at her residence 71 Randwick Crescent Moera, (suddenly) Etherl Sutherland dearly loved sister of Dick Arthur and sister-in-law of Nell
Turner, Ethel Maud (I16465)
4007 The family was living at Silver Stream Upper Hutt at that time but Upper Hutt did not have it's own Doctor until after the turn of the century and in these times Lower Hutt doctors would cover the Upper Hutt area. Doctor Wilford who saw Thomas on the 14th, the day before he died, was on the 17th visiting another patient in Wainuiomata. As travel in those days would have been by horseback he must have spent a lot of time in the saddle
Wyeth, Thomas Earnest (I460)
4008 The first Maori minister of religion to work in Indonesia has been appointed by the National Council of Churches in New Zealand. He is the Rev. Lane Tauroa, of Te Kuiti, who is expected to leave for Java with his wife and two young children early in December.
Source Te Ao Hou. No.45 December 1963 
Tauroa, Lane Matarae (I3770)
4009 The following is from a report prepared by Ian Brailsford to assist David Williams in preparation of his report 'Crown Policy Affecting Maori knowledge Systems and Cultural Practices' for the Waitangi Tribunal's Wai 262 inquiry, July\endash September 2000i
"Stanley Skeet & Basil Burch each received 2 strokes of the cane for disorder
b/iP H Clemance, 22 April 1898
/biBasil Burch for talking recd 2 str of the cane.
\endash do \endash neglecting his work 2 more.
Rawhiti talking 2 str cane
Joe King, trunacy 2 \endash do \endash
b/iP H Clemance, 11 May 1898"
Burch, Basil Leonard (I9545)
4010 The Fuller family tree has William's wife as Florence Sherwood. This is incorrect. The CD of NZ Marriages 1838-1956 shows that she is the wife of his brother Fred Roland. Fuller, William Norman Kempton (I9542)
4011 The funeral service will be held in the Harewood Crematorium Chapel, Corner of Wilkinsons Road and Johns Road, Harewood, Christchurch, tomorrow Thursday at 3.00pm. Thompson, Betty (I5008)
4012 The Gleaner, for Wellington, sailed from Gravesend on July 29, with a full cargo and over 200 emigrants, despatched by Messrs. Morrison, Powell, and Co., under arrangement with the Provincial Government. The chief cabin passengers were Captain Mackesy and lady and Mr. R. Pemberton and lady.
Source Papers Past Otago Witness , Issue 312, 21 November 1857, Page 9
McLeod, Angus (I292)
4013 The gravestone Arthur Morton Ollivier also recalls Hilda, wife of Keith, who died on 14 October 1937. Von Dadelszen, Hilda (I11876)
4014 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tankersley, J.E. (I1416)
4015 The Light Brigade, 1214 Tons, Captain: H. Evans Sailed London 18th May 1868 and arrived Lyttelton 26th August 1868.
Shipping list included
Johnson, Julia, 22, Middlesex, Domestic Servant
Johnson, Alice, 18, Middlesex, Domestic Servant 
Johnson, Annie Alice (I15458)
4016 The Marriage took place at house of the Rev R.O. Robb, Springlands. Family F5249
4017 The marriage was at the House of Richard Dewe the brides parents. Family F6850
4018 The marriage was solomised at Brides parents residence in Pakuratahi. Family F4130
4019 The name was prbably spelt without the "p". Thompson, James (I3307)
4020 The New Zealand Herald of 11\7\1895 has Barbara McQuarrie died 9 July 1895 aged 27 years, daughter of Hector McQuarrie, and buried 11 July 1895 in Symonds Street Cemetery.  McQuarrie, Barbara (I15453)
4021 The New Zealand Herald of 15\8\1903 has Hector McQuarrie died 12 August 1903 aged 76 years and buried 14 August 1903 in Symonds Street Cemetery. McQuarrie, Hector (I15450)
4022 The New Zealand Herald of 30\10\1888 has Mary McQuarrie died 29 October 1888 aged 14 years, daughter of Henry and Annie McQuarrie, and buried 31 October 1888 in Symonds Street Cemetery.  McQuarrie, Mary Ann (I15454)
4023 The New Zealand Herald of 31 December 1888 has Annie McQuarrie died 29 December 1888 aged 48 years, wife of Hector McQuarrie, and buried 31 December 1888 in Symonds Street Cemetery.  McLeod, Ann (I15451)
4024 The Newtons lived in Lyttelton, N.Z. Newton, Isaac Samuel (I4074)
4025 The ninth immigrant ship to be dispatched by the New Zealand Company, the 378 ton "Blenheim", sailed from Greenock, on August 25, 1840, with 197 passengers, 20 cabin and 177 steerage. She was the second ship to sail from the Clyde with Scottish immigrants, and almost all the passengers were composed of members of the clan of Laird Donald McDonald, who was leader of the party, or of neighbouring clans. The Blenheim made the passage in 125 days, and was under the command of Captain John Grey, with Dr Neill Campbell the surgeon. she arrived at Port Nicholson on December 27, 1840. Passenger list included ?McLachlan, Dugald 40 & Jane 35, Catherine 15, A 11, H 10, P4, and 1 other under 14.?
McLachlan, Dugald (I2998)
4026 The Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939/1945
22 Battalion by Jim H. Henderson - Chapter 12 Adriatic

Over on the right 2 Company moved up parallel with the railway line as fast as it could, leaving mopping up until daybreak. Minor tussles took place with Turcomen holding fortified houses. The beach area was heavily fortified against assault from the sea: three or four heavy naval guns in camouflaged concrete emplacements disguised as ice-cream stalls faced out to sea, and land round about was mined thickly. In one of these minefields 10 Platoon foundered. Mines abruptly exploded in quick succession at chest height, a horrible sensation. Lewis. was killed; Roy Lorrigan, Jim Hill, Knuckey and Braybrook were among those wounded.
The party of wounded men, stricken in the minefield and taking refuge in the casa, was not left in peace. At dawn the men on the top floor repulsed an attack from the beach, and even succeeded in collecting some prisoners. In the house Hill and another were in a bad way, but the hot drinks made from the issue of cocoa, milk powder, and sugar which each man carried seemed to save Hill's life. Later in the morning the wounded were taken away.
One of the wounded died unexpectedly in hospital some days afterwards. His wound was not severe, but he developed pneumonia through lying wounded most of the night in soaked clothing. The battalion was still in summer clothing and battle dress would not arrive for a fortnight yet.
The body of the dead man, Lewis, had remained in the minefield. After dawn two of his pals, Gillon and Athol Jimmieson. gallantly determined to bring back their comrade's body, returned to the minefield. They met with disaster. Another mine exploded, killing Gillon, and Jimmieson later died of wounds.
New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Jimmieson, Athol Christian (I15249)
4027 The Rev. Robert Doig married them in the house of Thomas Black of St Nicholas, Aberdeen. William Jamieson and James Shirreffs were the witnesses. Elizabeth was born circa 1796, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen.  Family F25
4028 The Rickerby family emigrated to Lyttelton, New Zealand in the Cardigan Castle, landed 15 Nov 1873. Information from a letter from National Archives Wellington, ref 6/1, 160 dated 15 Aug 1974. Rickerby, Robert (I4064)
4029 The Routenbeck.
The Rontenbeck, an iron barque of 930 tons, built in 1875 and chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co., made four voyages to New Zealand. Her first visit was to Port Chalmers in 1879, in command of Captain Steet. She sailed from London with passengers and general cargo on March 28, and took her final departure from the Lizard on April 4. She had a fine run to the Equator of 20 days from the Lizard, rounded the Cape on May 24, and made Stewart Island on June 22. Six days later, on June 28, she anchored at Port Chalmers, making the passage in 92 days, or land to land 79 days.
Source White Wings Vol I. Fifty Years Of Sail In The New Zealand Trade, 1850 TO 1900 - NZTEC
Family F13876
4030 The ship 'Conflict' 1171 tons under Captain Hardy sailed from London on 9th May 1874 and arrived in Wellington on 3rd August 1874.
Passenger list included
Blinkhorne William, 36 Worcestershire Railway Wagon Builder
Blinkhorne Hannah, 35
Blinkhorne John, 9
Blinkhorne Thomas, 7
Blinkhorne Alonzo, 4
Kite John, 32 Worcestershire Labourer
Kite Ellen, 30
Kite Eliza, 14
Source Peter and Denise
Archives New Zealand Reference IM15/125
Family F15536
4031 The ship 'Conflict' 1171 tons under Captain Hardy sailed from London on 9th May 1874 and arrived in Wellington on 3rd August 1874.
Passenger list included
Blinkhorne William, 36 Worcestershire Railway Wagon Builder
Blinkhorne Hannah, 35
Blinkhorne John, 9
Blinkhorne Thomas, 7
Blinkhorne Alonzo, 4
Kite John, 32 Worcestershire Labourer
Kite Ellen, 30
Kite Eliza, 14
Source Peter and Denise
Archives New Zealand Reference IM15/125
Note: John Kite and Hannah Blinkhorne are brother and sister. 
Family F15546
4032 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3969
4033 The Tory under Captain Edmund Mein Chaffers sailed from Plymouth on 12 May 1839 carrying a total muster of 35 souls, the sailing in defiance of official antagonism, changed the whole face of our history, and set upon the shores of Port Nicholson the present capital city of the Dominion. The "Tory," a newly built, excellently found and fast sailing barque of 382 tons, eight guns, built by Somes Bros., London and Newcastle-on-Tyne, although purchased and sent out by the New Zealand Company, was not, strictly speaking, an emigrant vessel. The vessel made for those times a very quick passage of ninety-six days, sighting no land on the way save a distant glimpse of the Canaries. Captain Chaffers notes with pride in his log: "She passed everything she saw."

She carried but a small list of passengers, officials rather than emigrants, who were to prepare the way for the emigrants to follow. they were Cabin Passengers; Colonel Wakefield: E.J. Wakefield; Dr Ernest Dieffenbach, Naturalist; Charles Heaphy, Company Surgeon; John Dorset, Company Surgeon; Nayti, a New Zealander; Richard Lowry, Chief Mate; George F. Robinson, Ships Surgeon. And as Steerage Passengers; Robert Doddrey, Company Storekeeper; Colonel Wakefields Servant; Thomas William Tankersley, Second Mate; The Third Mate; The Cabin Boys; The Petty Officers; The Foremast Hands inc, a New Zealander'and a native of Marquesas islands.
With the Complements of The Early Settlers and Historical Association of Wellington Incorporated.
Tankersley, Thomas William (I300)
4034 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F8621
4035 The wedding was conducted by the Curate L.S. Luckwell. Winesses were James Crapper and Martha Ann Crapper. Family F6848
4036 The Welch family home "Laurel Hall" was opposite the church on the Railway line side. William was an Innkeeper. Welch, William (I2030)
4037 The witness at the Baptism was Maria Ellen Southee Phoebe's sister, the wife of George Southee, settler of Taita. George and Maria's son William aged 5 was baptised at the same time. Sunnex, Phoebe Annie Elizabeth (I456)
4038 The witnesses included Laura Ann Welch. Family F6827
4039 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Cirinakamoli, T.I. (I18594)
4040 thecricketer - Cricket Archive
Full name: Ivon Alexander Aitkenhead
Born: 9th November 1930, Balclutha, Otago, New Zealand
Died: 5th July 2006, Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand
Batting: Right-hand batsman
Bowling: Right-arm medium-fast
Teams: Otago Under-20s (Miscellaneous: 1949/50); Wairarapa (Miscellaneous: 1955/56-1961/62)
-30th December 1949 Brabin Tournament 1949/50 Canterbury Under-20s v Otago Under-20s Hagley Oval, Christchurch
-2nd January 1950 Brabin Tournament 1949/50 Wellington Under-20s v Otago Under-20s Basin Reserve, Wellington
-4th January 1950 Brabin Tournament 1949/50 Auckland Under-20s v Otago Under-20s Basin Reserve, Wellington
-18th February 1956 Hawke Cup 1955/56 Elimination Match Nelson v Wairarapa Trafalgar Park, Nelson
-1st January 1962 Hawke Cup 1961/62 Elimination Match Wairarapa v Rangitikei Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton
Aitkenhead, Ivon Alexander (I2719)
4041 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F9597
4042 Their son Alexander Donn Died 21st Nov 1918 Aged 39 years Fraser, Alexander Donn (I17477)
4043 Theo was born in 1920 but he used 1919 for enlisting in the military. He was therfore 24 rather than 25 when he died. Waddick, Theodore Evan (I8133)
4044 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bett, T.C. (I7622)
4045 There appears to have been two ships named 'Alpha'
1. A 40 ton cutter under John M'Gregor, Master, trading between South Australia and New Zealand Coastal ports.

2. From the 'New Zealander' 22 Jan 1851 - The Alpha, reported as having sailed from the Downs on the 18th July is now out 170 days, and fears are entertained for her safety the vessel not having been seen or heard of by any of the late arrivals. - lb.Dec 24.

As Thomas was married in Victoria Australia it is likely that the Cutter Alpha was the vessel he immigrated on. 
Reeve, Thomas Scrutany (I16302)
4046 There is also

1880/5044 Jones Annie May; Mother Annie; Father John

That may be a child of this Annie or it could be the child of Annie and John Stewart Jones who were also having children around this time.

Tony Frost 
Family F9635
4047 There were 4 male and 6 female children to this marriage. Lee, Clara (I3654)
4048 There were apparently two more children, both male. Arthur farmed at Lowburn. Lill, Arthur (I3940)
4049 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5280
4050 There were no children to this marriage. Dodge, Corrie (I3942)

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