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"Sacred to the memory of Annie, the beloved wife of Hector McQuarrie, who died 29 December 1888 aged 48 years, also their children Mary died 29 October 1888 aged 14 years, Annie died 5 June 1873 aged 1 year, Murdoch died 10 July 1869 aged 6 weeks and their nephew John McQuarrie died 28 September 1879 aged 1 year, also Barbara McQuarrie died 9th July 1895 aged 27 years and Captain Hector McQuarrie died 12th August 1903 aged 76 years".

Owner/SourceAuckland Public Library
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Symonds Street Cemetery, Symonds Street, Auckland central, Auckland, New Zealand

Notes: Symonds Street cemetery was the main Auckland cemetery until it closed in 1886, From early pakeha settlement in Auckland until the end of 1909, Symonds Street cemetery was administered as five separate cemeteries with five separate boards of trustees. Now it is under the unitary control of Auckland Council.

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