Lilian Roland (nee Scholfield) Frost

Lilian was born on 09 September 1879 in Nelson. By 1888 they were living in Christchurch and in 1895 Lilian was in Standard 6 and at year end got the award for being 1st in that standard for attendance and progress. Lilian was just 20 when her Mother died in 1900 followed by her father who was the Post Master Christchurch, just 21 months later, 3 weeks after Lilian's 21st birthday. 

A nicer event that year had been the invitation to the Misses Scholfield to attend the presentation of Medals to the Men of the South African Contingent in Hagley Park Christchurch.  

The invitation was one of the treasures kept by Lilian right up until her death. She and Louisa, and perhaps Alice if she hadnít gone to America by that time, all would have attended 


By 1918 she had met George Frost #396, some 18 years her senior, a widower whose wife had died in 1917.  Whether their relationship was in Christchurch or Wellington we donít know, but with his involvement in local politics and being in business as a valuer would tend to suggest that most of his time would have been spent in Wellington.  They were married in 1918, in Sydenham Christchurch.  In April of the next year they were living in Wellington when their only child Lloyd was born.

George died just over a year later on 23 August 1920, in Wellington, and was buried on 25 August 1920, in Karori Cemetery.

After Georgeís death Lilian moved to Christchurch and purchased a house at 164 Chester St., where she lived for many years.  Chester St was a two story house and my earliest memory is of Gran Frost living upstairs and Gran Kay and Grandad, Nora's Mum and Dad living downstairs.   Later when Lilian was unable to use the stairs they moved out and Gran lived downstairs.  

My other memory is of afternoon tea with 'the girls' which had continued for may years on a Wednesday afternoon.  

While going up town to do her weekly shopping in her 70s she fell off her bicycle and had to go to hospital.  The cause of her fall had been a dizzy spell and her Doctor felt that this was likely to happen again and that she should not ride her bicycle any more.  He told her therefore that it had apparently been stolen after the accident and could not be found.  In fact it was at his home in his shed.  After some discussion with her son Lloyd it was agreed that the Doctor would sell the Bike and forward the funds to Lloyd.  By this time the Hospital had indicated that the fall had been bad for her and she would not be able to live on her own again.  The Hospital agreed to transfer her to Lower Hutt Hospital to be near to Lloyd and his family who were living in Upper Hutt at the time.  From Lower Hutt Hospital she went to the Totaras Rest Home north of Upper Hutt for a period of convalescence.  

One of the things that had always been a trade mark of Gran Frost was her ability to cut a slice of fresh bread from a loaf that was still warm that was of even consistency and less that ľ of an inch thick.  Dad and Gran agreed that when she was well enough to do that she could return to her house in Christchurch.  She never achieved that and remained in the Home in Upper Hutt.  

It was from this Home that she went to Lower Hutt Hospital where she died just a short time later on 23 June 1960.  Lilian is buried in Karori Cemetery Wellington.