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This collection of memories is dedicated to the memory of

Nora Elizabeth Frost

In 1986/87 Essie Campbell and Rose Gregor died.  Essie and Rose were sisters of Nora's mother and she had been very close to both of them. This sad time for Mum was made worse by the fact that they had taken much of their knowledge of the family to the grave and no one in the younger generation seemed interested.  As a result of this I started to record the generations of the Wyeth family and some odd notes about them.

On one of his trips to Wellington, Neil Wyeth called in to see Nora and told her he was keen to have a Wyeth family reunion in 1990 to commemorate the Wyeth families 150 years in New Zealand.  After some discussion it was agreed that as Wellington was where Robert and Jane initially landed and lived the reunion should be in Wellington.  An organising committee was formed and a series of committee meetings held at Nora and Lloyd's home in Upper Hutt.  I undertook to prepare the family tree for display at the reunion. The many additions and corrections added during the reunion gave the tree a huge boost.

One of the highlights of that weekend was a visit to Masterton on the Sunday to unveil a plaque on Robert and Jane's tombstone.  The unveiling was performed by two of the youngest present, my youngest daughter Kate and Roger Wyeth's daughter Emma.  Kate is a great, great, great grand daughter of Robert and Jane, or more simply a 5th Generation descendant, Emma is 4th generation.

This plaque was unveiled by

a gathering of the Descendants


14 January 1990

to Commemorate

The Arrival in New Zealand

of Robert Wyeth in January 1840

and of his Bride to be

Jane Runnalls in February 1840

Nora greatly enjoyed meeting many people she had not seen for some years and other relatives, particularly from Joseph's family that she had never met before who became firm friends for the remainder of her life.

All her life Nora valued highly her association with the wider family initially through letter writing and, when she was unable to write, through numerous telephone calls. Until her death on 6 January 1999 Nora kept many people in touch with what was happening throughout her extended family.

We hope that you will enjoy the memories here as much as we know Nora would have.