Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England


Notes: From White's Directory of Essex 1848
TWINSTEAD, a small village and parish, 4½ miles North East by North of Halstead, has only 196 souls and 977 acres of land, including 104A. of wood­land. The Hon. Thomas H. G. Fermor, brother to the Earl of Pomfret is lord of the manor and owner of Twinstead Hall, which was the seat of the late Sir George William Denys, Bart., and was much improved by tbe learned Sir James Marriott, LL.D. It was built in the reign of Elizabeth, by Isaac Wincoll, Esq., and was formerly surrounded by a deep moat. It stands on a commanding eminence and the north front retains its original character, having bay windows and other peculiarities of the Elizabethan style. It is now unoccupied. Messrs. Isaac Firmin, Joseph Thompson, and Jacob Manning are landowners here. Pelhams, a large ancient mansion, formerly belonged to the Pelham, Shaen, and other families. An antique house, called Sparrow Hall, was the seat of the Sparrow family, in the reign of Edward I.

The Church was rebuilt about 20 years ago. but some remains of the old walls are yet to be seen attached to the vault belonging to the lords of the manor. It is a small fabric, with a tower and one bell, and contains some memorials of the families formerly seated at the hall. The rectory. valued in K.B. at £6, and in 1831 at £255, is in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor, and incumbency of the Rev. H.V. 5hortland, M.A , who has 14A. of glebe, and a good residence, built about 60 years ago. The tithes were commuted in 1830 for £300 per ann. The poor parishioners have 20s. a year from Wincoll's Charity.


Latitude: 51.99716, Longitude: 0.710771


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Flower, Charlotte  Abt 1838Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11784
2 Flower, Daniel  5 Jun 1801Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I393
3 Flower, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1831Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11816
4 Flower, Emily  9 Sep 1842Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11782
5 Flower, John Joseph  11 Oct 1846Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11785
6 Flower, Sarah  Abt 1834Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11781
7 Flower, Thomas  Abt 1797Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11790
8 Flower, William  Abt 1807Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11791
9 Flowers, Robert  1 Dec 1839Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11786
10 Frost, Charles  Abt 1824Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21528
11 Frost, Ellen  Abt 1858Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I18875
12 Frost, George  27 Feb 1827Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21532
13 Frost, George Henry  Abt Apr 1857Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I17350
14 Frost, Henry  11 Nov 1829Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21530
15 Frost, James  1 Jun 1828Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21529
16 Frost, Maria  21 Jul 1831Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21533
17 Frost, Mary Ann  12 Dec 1832Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21535
18 Frost, Sophia  Abt 1860Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I18876
19 Frost, Sophy  27 Apr 1834Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21534
20 Frost, Susannah  5 Jul 1837Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21531
21 Frost, Sussannah  10 Aug 1840Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21553
22 Howard, Elizabeth  Abt 1761Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11788
23 Smith, Sarah  Abt 1836Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I14727
24 Winch, Ann  Abt 1831Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I17338
25 Wynch, Robert  Abt 1858Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I17334
26 Wynch, Samuel  Abt 1833Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11765
27 Wynch, Walter  Abt 1860Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I17335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Flower, Daniel  26 May 1809Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I393
2 Flower, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1831Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11816
3 Frost, Charles  13 Feb 1824Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21528
4 Frost, George  3 Jun 1827Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21532
5 Frost, Harry  7 Sep 1862Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21552
6 Frost, Henry  10 Jan 1830Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21530
7 Frost, James  27 Jul 1828Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21529
8 Frost, Maria  18 Sep 1831Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21533
9 Frost, Mary Ann  3 Feb 1833Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21535
10 Frost, Sophy  20 Jul 1834Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21534
11 Frost, Susannah  16 Jul 1837Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21531
12 Frost, Sussannah  4 Oct 1840Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eldred, Rachel  3 Oct 1861Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I391
2 Flower, William  Abt 1880Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11791
3 Frost, Louisa  10 Oct 1856Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21551
4 Frost, Susannah  15 Oct 1837Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21531
5 Frost, Sussannah  20 Mar 1859Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I21553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Frost, Francis (Fanny)  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11755
2 Frost, Jabez  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11766
3 Frost, Joseph  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11815
4 Frost, William  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I11762
5 Wynch, Robert  1861Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England I17334


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dixsy / Frost  13 Nov 1824Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3806
2 Flower / Howard  4 Dec 1792Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3716
3 Frost / Barton  5 Oct 1855Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3711
4 Frost / Flower  10 Apr 1854Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3723
5 Frost / Snell  22 Mar 1852Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F6688
6 Frost / Viall  10 Nov 1855Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F6689
7 Gilby / Frost  30 Jul 1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3707
8 Pye / Frost  2 Oct 1840Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3708
9 Wynch / Barton  Abt Jan 1882Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3712
10 Wynch / Frost  17 Oct 1856Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3709

Household Census

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   Family    Household Census    Family ID 
1 Flower / Warren  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F114
2 Flower / Warren  1851Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F114
3 Frost / Barton  1871Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3711
4 Frost / Eldred  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F113
5 Frost / Willingham  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F6680
6 Frost / Willingham  1851Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F6680
7 Winch / (Winch)  1841Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F5307
8 Winch / (Winch)  1851Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F5307
9 Winch / (Winch)  1861Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F5307
10 Wynch / Frost  1871Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3709
11 Wynch / Frost  1881Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F3709
12 Wynch / Galley  1891Twinstead, Braintree, Essex, England F5308