Minster, Thanet, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.334557, Longitude: 1.314496


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fright, Sarah Jane  26 Aug 1820Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10412
2 Fuller, Albert Stamp  Abt 1845Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9868
3 Fuller, Alfred  19 Feb 1859Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10314
4 Fuller, Alfred  1 Jul 1867Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10520
5 Fuller, Ann  Abt 1854Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9910
6 Fuller, Annie Louisa  15 Jul 1867Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9840
7 Fuller, Arthur  31 Dec 1850Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10309
8 Fuller, Benjamin  29 Oct 1848Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10416
9 Fuller, Clara  28 May 1870Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9841
10 Fuller, Clara Isabella  8 Feb 1853Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10310
11 Fuller, Edward  4 Jul 1844Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10414
12 Fuller, Edward  Abt 1847Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9907
13 Fuller, Elizabeth Emma  9 Oct 1848Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10305
14 Fuller, Emily Elizabeth  16 Jul 1870Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10194
15 Fuller, Emma Stamp  Abt 1847Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9869
16 Fuller, Frederick  5 May 1861Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10315
17 Fuller, George Albert  24 Nov 1865Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9839
18 Fuller, Henry  Abt 1864Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9912
19 Fuller, Henry Castle  20 Oct 1823Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10411
20 Fuller, James  Abt 1860Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10517
21 Fuller, James Stamp Holloday  Abt 1844Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9867
22 Fuller, Jane  21 Oct 1802Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9235
23 Fuller, Jessie Mabel  Abt 1886Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10209
24 Fuller, John  8 Jan 1769Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9224
25 Fuller, John  25 Oct 1798Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9232
26 Fuller, John  13 Nov 1810Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9896
27 Fuller, Julia  24 Mar 1857Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10312
28 Fuller, Lewis  13 Mar 1818Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10189
29 Fuller, Lewis Hutchinson  20 Feb 1844Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10191
30 Fuller, Lucretia  18 Sep 1863Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10409
31 Fuller, Mark Anthony  20 Feb 1878Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10230
32 Fuller, Mary  24 Sep 1800Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9233
33 Fuller, Mary  25 Jul 1809Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9894
34 Fuller, Mary  23 Sep 1846Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10415
35 Fuller, Mary Goulder  24 Jul 1837Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9844
36 Fuller, Mary Goulder(Golder)  Abt 1839Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9903
37 Fuller, Pierce Nimrod  4 Jul 1835Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9843
38 Fuller, Sarah  26 Oct 1806Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9237
39 Fuller, Sarah Ann  Abt 1855Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9911
40 Fuller, Sophia Susannah Victoria  Abt 1839Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9845
41 Fuller, Stamp Mathew  Abt 1848Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9870
42 Fuller, Stephen  11 Sep 1804Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9236
43 Fuller, Stephen  Abt 1814Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9914
44 Fuller, Stephen  25 Aug 1850Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10424
45 Fuller, Thomas  20 Sep 1713Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9214
46 Fuller, Thomas  5 May 1781Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9227
47 Fuller, Thomas  Abt 1861Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10519
48 Fuller, Thomas Albert Dye  16 Nov 1869Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10219
49 Fuller, Thomas Goulder  Abt 1843Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9905
50 Fuller, Thomas Peirce  19 Nov 1805Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9835

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Henry  1 Feb 1864Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9912
2 Fuller, James  12 Mar 1860Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10517
3 Fuller, Martha Louisa  4 May 1879Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Sophia  2 May 1893Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9836
2 Fuller, Benjamin  24 Nov 1928Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10416
3 Fuller, Edward  17 Jan 1925Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10414
4 Fuller, John  6 Feb 1806Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9218
5 Fuller, John  8 May 1840Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9224
6 Fuller, Lewis  20 Dec 1882Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10189
7 Fuller, Stephen  30 Nov 1905Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10424
8 Fuller, Thomas  8 May 1840Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9227
9 Fuller, Thomas Peirce  25 Nov 1889Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9835
10 Fuller, William  6 Nov 1890Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9901
11 Goulder, Mary  1 Jun 1872Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9902
12 Peirce, Mary  12 Mar 1840Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I9834
13 Standing, Elizabeth  14 Oct 1899Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Jane  17 May 1860Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10518
2 Fuller, Nellie Louisa  18 Nov 1884Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10423
3 Fuller, Thomas  8 Mar 1862Minster, Thanet, Kent, England I10519