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Carolyn Dewe - 1970-2015: A Life of Endless Celebration

Our daughter Carolyn passed peacefully to her Home in Heaven on the evening of 16th July 2015. She worked as a Clinical Psychologist (and team leader in two cities) because when she was a teenager, Kinesiology had no Career Pathway for young people.

Carolyn was diagnosed with Dyslexia before that term became well known or any useful therapy was known. Touch for Health, which we found in 1977 did not help her but, Gordon Stokes's Three-in-One Concepts, changed her life - reading, writing and horse-riding. Most of you will know that it is not helpful to give your horse one command with your hands and the opposite command with your feet.

Our children did all levels of TFH and Carolyn did the TFH Instructor course (ITW) with Bruce, in Australia four times in quick succession and also took the original PKP™ workshops. Carolyn loved helping people with aching hearts and confused feelings and emotions. Bruce loved having her in the clinic with him. She loved muscle testing and was using it until the day she died.

However, when Carolyn was 17 there was no Govt Approved career plan for any natural therapies in NZ, nor was there even a career path for people to follow to become a kinesiology practitioner. Not to be deterred, Carolyn started a university career to become a Clinical Psychologist because she knew she had to work with 'people with troubled minds'.

From 1991 - 1997, Bruce & Joan worked with the NZQA Expert Panel to re-design kinesiology training into a progressive, integrated, systematic, training programme that was educationally sound, student centred and competency-based with the express purpose of producing a career path for young people like Carolyn who wanted to become Kinesiologists. In December 1998, we had NZQA approval.  Too late for our Clinical Psychologist Carolyn but there now for others with a similar desire.

Yes, the ICPKP™ and it's Career and CEU courses is the outcome and part of Carolyn's legacy is the hundreds of young people around the world who have careers as Kinesiologists. Another part is the thousands of people with learning challenges that have been helped by the workshop Joan produced from the material she used to help Carolyn. (This is  our PIB 203 Brain Integration Skills level 1 module.)

As a Clinical Psychologist, Carolyn was known for her loving care and kindly attitude to all her patients. As a team leader she was respected for her fairness, her ready smile, meeting management skills, willingness and ability to build team/family skills and her incredible ability to distil the essence of a situation and to put it into clear, definable words.

Her life can best be described by a ceramic wall hanging she had created for her this year: "Endless Celebration". To the very end Carolyn was making sure that everything was set in proper place for her family, that everyone was well taken care of and her loved ones knew she appreciated and loved them deeply.

Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe

Date20 Jul 2015
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